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PREMIUM QUALITY DIGITAL MEDIA – Compatible With All Inkjet Dye & Pigmented Printers

Designed for printers using dye & pigmented ink,  “Display Inkjet” media includes the highest quality, matt, gloss & satin photo papers & films. Our “Inkjet Media” offers superb performance & value with many of our products being manufactured specifically to meet your requirements.

MPS Satin Photo Paper (200GSM) An exceptional 200gsm satin finish photo paper with a microporous coating. This unique coating is non-reflective and allows instant dry printing. Colours are further enhanced by the extra white appearance.

FOGRA 391 Microporous Satin Proofing Paper (190GSM) A premium 190gsm Fogra certified (new standard) microporous photo satin paper with short drying times and with a water resistant lightfast coating. Great colour performance especially on the HPZ6100.

BAR33 Barcelona ‘Tear Resistant’ Silk Photo Special This unique multi-purpose polypropylene satin finish photo ‘papier’ is ideal for high quality photographic applications. Not only tear and scratch resistant, but also cockle free for high ink coverage.

BAR99 Barcelona ‘Water Resistant’ Multi Purpose Photo Special A specially developed 180micron matt polypropylene poster ‘paper’ that has a microporous coating slowing fast drying times and water resistance. Its high white surface enhances image definition and colour output. Tear and scratch resistant.

WRB / 140gsm Water Resistant Matt Coated Paper (140gsm) This 140gsm premium coated inkjet paper gives excellent colour output and is also water and smudge resistant. A reverse side treatment allows the finishing print to be folded with reduced cracking making it ideal for information and timetable displays.

Projet Cromalin Type Weight (260gsm) A 260gsm high quality non-reflective satin finish photo paper with a microporous coating. It has very good handability due to its heavy weight structure and is recommended for premium photographic printing.

BLFO / 200mic Polyester Backlit Film A universal thick polyester backlit film that has a specially designed inkjet coating which allows incredible dense blacks to be reproduced. Water and fade resistant, this film has excellent light diffusion, perfect for lightbox displays.

Matt White Adhesive Vinyl 80mic An 80 micron white microporous coated self-adhesive PVC vinyl with a removable paper backing. The universal inkjet coating produces exceptional vibrant colour density and can be used outdoors with lamination

CANW / 415gsm Premium 100% Cotton Matt Canvas A 100% cotton high white premium canvas perfect for art and photographic prints. This is a ‘true’ artistic canvas with an acid free matt coating and stretches perfectly for framing without cracking. It also becomes water resistant after printing.

CANU / 260gsm Witte Polyester Stretch Canvas A economy 260gsm high white 100% polyester canvas perfect for framing or can be used as a banner alternative. This product has a uniform structure producing excellent colour quality and becomes water resistant after printing.

Pro-jet PS170 Semi-Gloss (White) This 170gsm satin finish photo paper has a brilliant white smooth surface for exceptional photo reproduction. It is recommended for use with dye inks only and can be laminated for extra protection.

OBV300 / 375mic White Matt Banner Vinyl A water fast flexible light PVC banner with a fine surface structure. It has a polyester fabric and vinyl layer making it tear resistant and hard wearing. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications dependent on ink type used.

Projet Positive Film CSF 130mic Superb high quality 130mic polyester film. Brilliant for printing screen positives that need to be sharp with excellent dot definition. It has been developed with a low UV-Dmin and a high DMAX.

PREMIUM QUALITY DIGITAL MEDIA – Compatible With Solvent, Eco Solvent & UV Curable Printers

Our range of (durable) media for solvent printers has been tested on the broadest range of Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex & UV-curable printers available. These products will provide you with a complete portfolio of media to suit your indoor & outdoor, signage & display graphic requirements.

Blue Back Poster Paper (115GSM) This 115gsm outdoor blue back matt finish poster paper has been specifically designed for major billboard applications. It has a strong resistance to cracking or flaking when folded after wet pasting. Excellent handling when applying to billboards with minimum show through due to an even blue back coating.

White Poster Paper (150GSM) A heavy weight 150gsm white backed matt poster paper that is great for indoor advertising. It has strong resistance to cracking and flaking when folded during wet pasting.

GP200 Semi-Gloss Paper (200GSM) A premium 200gsm photo-realistic heavy weight gloss paper that has a multilayer coating which is perfect for high quality indoor and outdoor advertising. It can accept high ink loads for enhanced colour vibrancy and is easy to handle.

SP135 Satin Paper (135GSM) A 135gsm satin finish poster paper perfect for outdoor use. It is easy to handle with good colour vibrancy and has great water resistance after printing.

Gloss Clear Self Adhesive Vinyl (75mic) A unique 75mic stabilised polymeric clear vinyl with a permanent adhesive. Great durability for outdoor use and is easy to apply. Good depth of colour output and high gloss transparent structure makes it particularly ideal for window (graphics) display applications.

Gloss White Self Adhesive Vinyl (100mic) A 100 micron monomeric bright white gloss vinyl with a permanent adhesive and a single sided ‘moisture stable’ siliconised release liner. This vinyl is perfect for outdoor use and is excellent for high quality graphics.

Economy Gloss White Self Adhesive Vinyl (75mic) A 75 micron polymeric bright white gloss vinyl with a solvent free release liner. Easy to apply and perfect for long term outdoor applications.

Matt White Self Adhesive Vinyl 100mic A 100 micron monomeric matt vinyl with a permanent solvent free self adhesive and a single sided ‘moisture stable’ siliconised release liner. This vinyl is heavy weight and perfect for outdoor use. It produces great colour density and is easy to apply.

Anti-Curl Roll-up Banner 440GSM This 440gsm smooth semi-matt finish scrimless banner vinyl has a special anti-curl feature making it perfect for roll-up banners. It is also grey backed for blockout purposes.

Frontlit Banner PVC 440GSM A mid weight 440gsm PVC banner which is specifically suited for front-lit applications. It can accept high ink coverage and is waterproof and weather resistant making it perfect for outdoor use.

Frontlit Banner PVC 520GSM A heavy weight 520gsm PVC banner which is specifically suited for front-lit applications. It can accept high ink coverage and is waterproof and weather resistant making it perfect for outdoor use.

Astralam Cold Lamination Film

0.08mm PVC pressure sensitive laminating film specially manufactured for protecting materials printed with dye, pigment and solvent inks. Coated with a permanent solvent based PSA adhesive which is laminated to a moisture stable release liner. The film is non-yellowing.

GLOSS – a clear high-gloss surface laminating film designed for protection of print surfaces and enhancing all print features. Ideal for large format prints and posters, photographs etc.

SATIN – a semi-gloss clear laminating film with a smooth low sheen surface. Recommended for optimum resolution of images; ideal for pop-ups, large format prints, posters etc.

MATT – a clear flat non-reflective laminating film. It reduces reflection and glare without affecting the quality of any high-resolution images. Ideal for large format exhibition displays.

Astramount Pressure Sensitive Mounting Film – Internal

LDI is a high quality 12 micron polyester film is coated on both sides with a permanent pressure-sensitive non-yellowing adhesive. It is protected by a moisture-stable release liner for excellent lay-flat characteristics. Recommended for indoor applications, this self-wound general purpose mount film is compatible with most commonly used media and substrates.

Recommended for posters, photographs and large format prints.

Astramount LDI is available in a variety of standard sizes, with bespoke widths available on request

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