Squeegee – 2000 Series

Watts Squeegee Blades

“New Edge from ScreenPro’s Squeegee 2000 series”

Squeegee 2000 series is new to ScreenPro’s existing range of squeegee blades and for a limited period only ScreenPro are offering customers a chance to trial the blade at a 50% discount from list prices.

Squeegee 2000 series

is . . . → Read More: Squeegee – 2000 Series

Colour Matching Expansion


ScreenPro with over 20 years experience in screen process supply including colour matching have now moved up a gear after their new remit from Sun Chemical. They now offer not only solvent based inks but UV screen matches and many of the industrial screen . . . → Read More: Colour Matching Expansion

ScreenPro’s new premises boost the business

For the past twenty years ScreenPro has been providing services to the print industry, pre-dominantly across the Midlands. It has been a key supplier of consumable products such as printing inks and chemicals as well as offering a specialist screen and stencil service.

The company developed its range of products over the years progressing from . . . → Read More: ScreenPro’s new premises boost the business

New ‘Textile’ emulsion from Ulano

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The latest news from ScreenPro March 11

ULANO QT- Discharge  


“Advanced Emulsion compatible with virtually all Textile Inks”

Discharge inks, with their alkalinity, strong enough to remove dyes from garments while laying down new colours, are amongst the most abusive inks in . . . → Read More: New ‘Textile’ emulsion from Ulano

New ‘Universal’ UV Ink

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The latest news from ScreenPro March 11


A UNIVERSAL ALL PURPOSE UV SCREEN PROCESS INK for multiple substrate printing.

“Could be the only UV Screen Ink you’ll need”

UNIVERSAL UPX is a multipurpose UV screen process ink that sticks to all basic substrates like paper & boards and onto regular . . . → Read More: New ‘Universal’ UV Ink

Textile Inks

A world wide reknown ink manufacturer for the textile printing market. Union manufactures a wide range of products including, what we hope are, the best textile printing plastisols on the market. From the general purpose PLUS series to the new highly acclaimed MIXOPAKE Pantone® color mixing system, you can count on high quality inks . . . → Read More: Textile Inks

Special Effect Inks & Pigments

Chameleon colour shifting pigments:

Our range of special effect inks include colours that change at various angles, these inks can be used for security printing and also Point of Sale and Point of Purchase. If you want something a little different these effects will definitly make an . . . → Read More: Special Effect Inks & Pigments

Colour Matching & Blending

We have offered an in-house colour matching service to customers for several years. The success of this service and increased space within our new premesis has allowed us to develop our Lab & Blending facility to further improve our service to customers.


Investment on new equipment has allowed greater capacity and flexibility to produce Solvent, UV . . . → Read More: Colour Matching & Blending

Screen Printable Adhesives


Screen Printable adhesives can be printed just like inks. The result is new areas of application and new areas for you to increase your earnings. 

Automotive construction, electronics industry, optical instrumentation, membrane switches, advertisement and sign industry, protective laminates, safety labels…….

WaterBased Printable Adhesives

The range of Kiwoprint D adhesives consists of products with . . . → Read More: Screen Printable Adhesives

UV Inks & Varnishes

Uvicol Gloss UC   Versatile gloss finish UV matching system for printing onto paper, boards and plastic substrates.             Uvicol Satin US   Satin finish version of Uvicol.             Synergy SLK   A multipurpose flash UV curing ink range suitable for both paper and board and plastic substrates.        Vioflex 40 Series   Formulated for printing . . . → Read More: UV Inks & Varnishes