Industrial Inks

Toucan 67 Series   A two pack catalytic ink for use on products which require resistance to chemical and wear.     
A-Series   A high opacity oxidation drying ink suitable for outdoor applications.     
Gloss Polycat 56 Series   A high-gloss, fully resistant curing ink for use on plastic containers. Gloss Polycat conventional solvent-based 2 pack inks are ideal for PE and PP containers. A single-pack version, Unicat, is also available.     
Touchkey TK   A unique satin finish formulated for use on Membrane touch switches,      
facia panels, labels and Automotive applications.     

Polyspeed 53 Series   A high gloss conventional drying ink that has been specifically formulated for screen printing onto pre-treated polyethylene or polypropylene containers.

Unicat 59 Series   A high gloss single pack ink formulated for screen printing onto treated polyethylene and polypropylene containers that will contain a wide range of products.

Monocure MPC   A Multi Purpose UV curing ink which has been specifically formulated for high speed screen printing onto moulded bottles and containers. They are specially suited to fast, multi-colour, inter station curing machines.

PDO Series   This ink can be printed onto polycarbonate and print treated polyester for use on vending machines, membrane switch overlays, nameplates, industrial labels and various other facias.