New ‘Universal’ UV Ink

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The latest news from ScreenPro March 11


A UNIVERSAL ALL PURPOSE UV SCREEN PROCESS INK for multiple substrate printing.

“Could be the only UV Screen Ink you’ll need”

UNIVERSAL UPX is a multipurpose UV screen process ink that sticks to all basic substrates like paper & boards and onto regular plastics likes foamex and PVC’s but also adheres well to more difficult substrates like corrugated and solid sheets polypropylenes, polystyrenes, polycarbonates, acrylic sheets and even PETG.

UNIVERSAL UPX additional features-benefits include; suitability for large format multi-coloured presses, very low mesh staining tendency, high satin finish, ISO12647 (fogra) compliancy and flash curing process inks. Universal UPX is available to order in SunMatch mixing colours, process colours including lettering black and matched colours to order.

“This could mean a one ink system to suit most of your day to day requirements”

Please phone for more details or to arrange in house trials!