Screen Printable Adhesives


Screen Printable adhesives can be printed just like inks. The result is new areas of application and new areas for you to increase your earnings. 

Automotive construction, electronics industry, optical instrumentation, membrane switches, advertisement and sign industry, protective laminates, safety labels…….

WaterBased Printable Adhesives

The range of Kiwoprint D adhesives consists of products with different bonding strrengths and heat resistance.

D158 has excellent wetting properties, it is used for the production of front panels, membrane switches & automotive dials.

D159 has the same properties as D158, with higher bonding strength and a higher temperature resistance.

D177 is a removable pressure sensitive adhesive with low peel strength values. Main fields of application are removable labels and promotional articles.

Solvent Based Adhesives

Solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives with different bonding strengths. The identification number is an approximate measurement for the bonding strength at approximatly 20 degrees C. The main fields of application are as follows:

TC1500 is the standard product for ink transfers which are applied by the wet or dry transfer method.

TC2000 is especially used for the production of self-adhesive films for the automotive indusrty.

TC2500 because of the high bonding strength and heat resistance it is used for the production of front facia panels & membrane switches.

L4000 is a screenable pressure sensitve adhesive that does not yellow, it is light fast and resistant to UV. Hense self-adhesive films which are applied outdoors can be produced.