Screen Stretching & Stencilling

We pride ourselves on our technical ability in this area, understanding fully the need for high specification and QC. Having recently moved to new larger premises we have again increased our production capability with further investment in new equipment.
We have the facility to recover frames from 100mm to over 4 mtr using pnuematic and multi-stretching systems. We have a wealth of experience in this area and can meet most requirements whatever your application demands.

Rapid door to door turnaround for the ever increasing demands on the modern printer. 

Stencils in excess of 3metres can be produced. If this exceeds your limits we can take care of it.

High Build Stencils

High build stencils can be produced up to a specified emulsion thickness of 500 microns.
Precoated Screens
Precoated screens can be supplied in any size and quantity to suit most requirements.
Wrapped in light-safe paper.     

Films can be output from artwork supplied from most file formats.

Our bureau can also produce artwork to film positives working from rough, technical and engineering drawings.