Photostencil Emulsions 

Ulano Proclaim

A high quality Diazo Polymer (dual cure)  emulsion formulated to provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of decoating which can be used with most ink systems. The high solids offer excellent bridging

Ulano FX88  

An economical general purpose diazo emulsion with good stencil resolution and abrasion resistance. Relatively fast exposure and easy to decoat.

Ulano QX3

QX-3 is a blue-coloured, ready-to-use, fast-exposing, SBQ-dual cure direct emulsion formulated for high resolution printing with conventional and water-based UV inks, and most solvent-based inks.

Ulano QT Discharge

A specially formulated emulsion designed to be compatible & resistante to Discharge, Water-Based & Plastisol Inks. Fast drying & fast exposure. 


An amazing pre-sensitzized emulsion that has a solid’s content of 46%, yet is still easy to coat and re-claim. Ultra fast exposure times due to the SBQ photo-polymer formulation.

Suncoat Horizon

This Dual cure universal emulsion for general & high end graphics applications offers high solid’s content with a medium viscosity for ease of coating.

Suncoat 2000

Suncoat 2000 is a dual cure water & solvent resistant emulsion, offering a matt stencil surface to reduce static problems when printing onto gloss PVC’s.

Suncoat Vista+

Suncoat Vista Plus is a dual cure emulsion capable of producing photo-stencils of an extremely high quality. Ideal where high definition and resolution are required and is especially recommended for four colour process printing. 

Murakami One Pot Direct

An ultra fast exposing one pot projection emulsion offering excellent dot reproduction & bridging properties. Ideal for use with CST & Signtronic direct to screen systems.

Murakami One Pot WR

One Pot WR is an ideal solution for printing with water based ink systems, it’s single pot formulation means no mixing of diazo sensitizer therefore ready to use.

Murakami Photocure SR

Durability & convenience are the two words that best describe Photocure SR, a single pot emulsion that is ready to coat straight from the container. Excellent imaging properties, the perfect choice for glass, ceramic & general graphic applications.

Murakami Photocure Pro

The first choice for graphic and fine line screen printing. Photocure Pro is one of the easiest emulsions to use because it has a wide exposure latitude and dries fast after coating to give the best stencil results. Photocure Pro has a stencil surface which reduces emulsion to substrate cling and prolongs the squeegee edge

Murakami Photocure BL

A truly amazing match to the blue laser imaging system. This dual cure emulsion can be coated onto all dyed and un-dyed meshes and then exposed at maximum speed using the Luscher DX machine. The emulsion is fully through cured even at a reduced laser power setting. Easy to coat and reclaim. 

Capillary Films – Solvent & UV Resistant

   Ulano CDF2  –  20 micron Capillary Film 
   Ulano CDF3  –  30 micron Capillary Film 
   Ulano CDF4  –  40 micron Capillary Film  
   Ulano CDF5  –  50 micron Capillary Film 

   Murakami MS Film  –  15 – 50 Microns
   Murakami MS Thick Film  –  150 – 400 Microns

Indirect Stencil Film

Ulano Pulsar    –  Cold water development – no chemicals required 
Ulano Quasar  –
  A Red coloured Film offering  excellent detail                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Ulano A&B Developing Powders – Avaiable in US gallons and quarts 

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