Screen Preparation

Ink Removal

Offering a wide range of screen cleaners, we are able to meet your requirements whatever system you operate. Combining the correct cleaners to suit your inks can make the task easier and extend mesh life.

Emulsifiable Screen Cleaners


An efficient and economical cleaner.


A fast and efficient ink remover. Low odour and low evaporation.


The biodegradable screen cleaner that is both low in odour and effective on all screenprinting inks.


A highly water soluble screen cleaner for general printing applications.

Water dilutable Cleaners


Hydrosolve is mixed with water before use and is highly emulsifiable giving residue free results on UV inks.


A low odour, biodegradable screen cleaner. Diluted with 50% to 80% water before use.

Machine screen Cleaners 


A powerful screenwash ideally suited for use in automatic cleaning equipment.


The biodegradable screen cleaner that is both low in odour and effective on all screenprinting inks.

Stain Removal

The popularity of UV inks and diazo sensitised emulsions has resulted in an increased level of staining on today’s printing meshes. If this staining is not removed it becomes more intense each time the screen is re-used. This leads to poor exposure, reducuced ink deposit and even stencil breakdown in extreme cases. SunCoat stain removal products provide solutions to suit the way you work.

YC606 Stain Cleaner

A different approach to stain removal. Stain Cleaner is a liquid which is brushed onto both sides of the stained mesh and then allowed to react for a minimum of ten minutes. After removing with high pressure water spray not only do you have a clean screen but it is also degreased and ready for another stencil coating. Can be used manually or by automatic cleaning machine. (Before use check with you machine manufacturer regarding suitability).

YC155 Alkaprep Cleaning Paste

Designed for both the removal of stubborn stains in used screens, and for the degreasing of new screens, and may be used with an emulsifiable screenwash as a ghost image or haze remover.

YC135 stainaway LV

The batch processing solution to stain removal. Stainaway LV is a clear gel that is coated onto both sides of the stained screen. It is then dried for one hour or overnight at room temperature. After removal with high pressure water jet the screen is clean and degreased ready for another stencil to be applied. Removes all ink and stencil stains

Stencil Removal

Stencil removal by hand or by machine is one step towards a clean screen. Stencil removers that are slow to dissolve the emulsion or capillary film can often leave the mesh looking stained or even partially blocked. SunCoat stencil removers are produced to give the best results under all conditions.

YC175 Diasolve Paste

If the surface of your stencil is flat and smooth and you apply a liquid stencil remover you will find that most of the product drains away before it can act upon the screen. Diasolve Paste will cling to the stencil surface and break it down quickly. A great choice for capillary films and thick film stencils.

YC285 Concentrated Stencil Stripper

With a recommended mix of 1 part to 30 parts water, this provides a fast, efficient stencil remover for all emulsions and capillary films. Mixing a stencil remover to the concentration best suited to your stencil system is the most efficient and cost effective way of reclaiming your screens.

SCST Prostrip Decoating Crystals

A powder which can be mixed down with water to produce an effective and economical stripper. Can be mixed as required to suit the application.

Mesh Degreasing

YC34 Degreasing Concentrate Liquid

Mixed with 20 parts water, this degreaser is ideally suited to the removal of all mesh contamination prior to the application of direct stencil emulsion products

YC1215 Mesh Cleanser & Wetting Agent

An ‘all in one’ degreaser and mesh wetting agent for the easy application of capillary film stencils. Making a clean blemish free capillary film stencil is difficult, especially when using coarse mesh grades. Mesh Cleanser ensures that there is an even water layer on the mesh for a trouble free result.

GUG23 Ulano Gel 23 Mesh Prep & Degreaser

The abrading action of Ulanogel 23 promotes better wetting of the mesh and adhesion of the stencil, and thus, longer press life. Its degreasing action removes dirt, dust, and oils from the mesh, reducing the risk of stencil failure and pinholing.

Screen Fillers

YC205 Blue Filler

Screen Filler or Blockout is less expensive than direct emulsion or capillary film and dries faster. Use it to block areas of the screen that are not part of the image area that didn’t get coated. It resists all ink systems with the exception of water based. When reclaiming the stencil, the screen filler dissolves easily with water.
YC440 Unifill Red 

A Universal screen filler for use with both solvent or water based inks.

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