Squeegee & Mesh

These are the fundemental components to all screenprinters and one of the areas that should never be compromised. With our partners, Screenpro are able to offer Quality products from market leaders.


Whatever the application Screenpro have the product to suit. Whatever the profile – hardness or mechanical resistance needed we will have something within our comprehensive range to fit your requirements. All of our Squeegee blade is colour coded by hardness for ease of use. The product is manufactured within the UK with tight QC procedures.

All materials are stored, prepared and cast through sophisticated, computer-controlled dispensing equipment, which ensures the end component has the maximum properties to suit our customers’ requirements. For full detail on Polyurethanes and why to use Polyurethane compared to other materials, please go to the Watts Urethane Products Ltd site

Standard Profile G1 55 – 90 Shore Hardness    The standard Square Edged profile is used for a wide range of applications, but most commonly used in general textile and graphics applications.  Suitable for both manual and automatic printing and on a wide range of substrates.

Triple Section Composite G6 65 or 75 Shore with 93 Shore Centre.   Square edge composite triple hardness blade gives the printer the responsiveness of a softer without the undesired flexing created by increased secondary force squeegee pressure. Excellent for printing on high mesh counts with high tension.

Dual Section Composite G5   Blade will flex less preventing roll over, the angle is therefore maintained giving excellent ink shear. The softer edge allowing for good ink deposit.


V Section G3 65 – 90 Shore G3   This double bevel edge blade (60 & 45 deg) provides excellent control for direct printing onto cylindrical surfaces and irregular forms, also fine print for textiles.


Chisel  65 – 90 Shore G2   Single bevelled squeegees, generally used for printing into non-absorbent surfaces such as plastic, glass or metal. Conforms easily to irregular surfaces while maintaining excellent ink deposit. Widely used on container printing and also good on bottle printing.

Bull Nose G18   A moulded product, popular in applications such as textile printing and adhesive printing and offering maximum ink deposit.


Square G25 (Diamond)   Used extensively on PCB machines, this “Diamond” profile is most common in 9.5×9.5mm or 10x10mm dimensions. The squeegee is fitted close to the holder enabling greater control whilst printing.



Sefar PET1500

Economical and high-quality printing results for professional demands

SEFAR PET 1500 is the popular mesh for virtually every screen printing application – large and small-format graphics, CDs, decorative tile designs, printed glass, sporting goods, textile printing, and other industrial tasks

A reliable mesh that meets industry demands

Manufactured under start-to-finish process control, SEFAR PET 1500 features a wide product range, excellent stretching and tensioning properties, improved stencil adhesion, and increased exposure latitude—optimal conditions for quality screen printing results

  • Wide product range

SEFAR PET 1500 is available in both white and yellow fabrics, ranging from very coarse to ultra-fine in different witdths up to 4m—providing just the right mesh specification for every screen printing application.

  • Excellent stretching properties

SEFAR PET 1500 can be stretched to high tensions, and will maintain tension longer. Tension loss between stretching and printing is low, and tension will remain stable over subsequent print runs.

  • Innovative surface treatment improves wettability and stencil adhesion

SEFAR PET 1500’s advanced surface treatment provides improved mesh wettability characteristics that are required for indirect films, capillary films, emulsions or combined applications. In addition, the unique surface of SEFAR PET 1500 contributes to improved stencil adhesion properties.


Designed to meet the highest demands for printing on expansive surfaces like large format posters, textile transfer printing (sublimation), glass, etc.

Engineered with the large format printer in mind

Finer, stronger threads and larger mesh openings

With its reduced thread diameter – just 32 microns – SEFAR LFM has remarkably larger mesh openings and hence an increased amount of open area which offers some outstanding characteristics:

  • optimized mesh geometry
  • balanced, low elongation
  • strength for larger formats
  • modest loss of tension

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