Studio Products & Printing Sundries


Squeegee handles come in wood and aluminium in a range of standard sizes between 6” – 60”. All can be fitted with Blade if required. Special sizes can be made on request.

Aluminium Coating troughs can be supplied in a range of sizes from 3” – 60” and are supplied with end caps. Special sizes can be made on request.


Masking Film   Ruby coloured, convienient ‘view through’ for the production of positives. Various thicknesses and roll sizes.


Montage Film    Anti-static clear polyester for positive lay-up.



Drafting Film    This product has a specially prepared drawing surface that will readily accept ink and pencil.


Handcut Stencil Film   Astrasten offers an alternative to photographic processing.


Laser Film   For the production of positives through a desktop laser printer.



Inkjet Film   Roll or sheet format, can be used on desktop printers or large format digital printers. Speak to our sales team for advise.

Positive Spotting Pen   Used for spotting out the ‘ink’ area on a positive.

Knives   Plastic push knives and metal pallette knives, fully solvent resistant, ideal for stirring ink and scrapping ink from the screen.

Glass Cleaner   Non misting industrial formula.

Film Cleaner   Formulated to be strong enough to clean positive or negative films without attacking the polyester.


Pantone Colour Guides   A full range of Pantone guides from standard coated and un-coated to tint selector guides.

Mixing Containers   All of our containers are selected for their resistance against inks and solvents.

Paper Measuring Cups   300ml incrementaly printed for accurate measuring.

Stirring Sticks   Disposable mixing and stirring wooden sticks.

Screen Testing   A ‘one shot’ exposure calculater that indicates the best exposure time for your equipment and emulsion coating.
Linen Tester   X10 magnification for the inspection of mesh, stencils and prints.
Linen Tester   X30 Magnification for a higher inspection level.

Supersolve Screen Re-activator   Screenwash in a spray, ideal for un-blocking dried in ink from the screen.

Anti Static Spray   Can be sprayed onto all materials to reduce static levels.

Spray Adhesive   For use with T-Shirts, comes in standard or flash resistant.

Newsprint   Un-printed newspaper, can be used as a ‘blotting’ paper or for printing scrap and make ready.

Personal Protective Equipment   A range of equipment from dust masks to industrial strength gloves.

HC1 Handclean   A ‘really works’ handcleaner that removes ink and oil.
BC1 Barrier & Afterwork Cream   Use before and after work, acts as a barrier to solvent and ink and also re-moists the skin.

Printing Wipes   A full range from economy to low lint for all uses.

Tapes & Packaging Materials   Many types of adhesive tapes for masking or packaging.

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