Special Effect Inks & Pigments

Chameleon colour shifting pigments:

Our range of special effect inks include colours that change at various angles, these inks can be used for security printing and also Point of Sale and Point of Purchase. If you want something a little different these effects will definitly make an impact!

UV sensitive varnishes:

Can be used as an overprint varnish to create a ‘blue glow’. Used mainly for nightclubs were a UV light is present.

Fragrenced Inks & Varnshes:

Succesfully used in Point of Sale, create the odour of the product that you are trying to sell. The posibilities are endless, any fragrence can be formmulated, with a few exceptions!

Polyester Flake Glitters:

Traditionally used in the textile printing market, more recently for in-store Point of Sale and promotions. Well suited to UV curing varnishes, due to the heavy deposit.

Phosphorescent ‘glow in the dark’ green:

A non radio-active glow in the dark green. Can be printed via a 21T to a 77T. The heavier the deposit the longer and stronger the glow time.

Magnetic Attracting Grey:

Ferrous oxide ink that adheres to magnets, used for temporary posters & signage.