Speciality Inks

Nylon TZ

A range of matt scuff resistant inks for printing onto Nylon and PVC backed synthetic textiles. A hardner can be added to increase water resistance.

Blackboard Black

A matt black ink which when printed simulates chalkboard.

Magnetic Attracting Grey

This ink contains pherrous oxide particals and can be printed on a variey of materials to produce magnetic attracting posters. Available in conventional & UV curing Ink.

Rub Removable

This highly obliterating Silver ink is designed for use on scratch off lottery tickets and game cards. Also available in Gold.


A range of silvers and golds available in paste form or finished inks. We can also blend metallic colours if required.

Screenglo Flourescents

A range of Hi intensity Colours when maximum impact is required.

Screenglo MFT Solvent based for Paper and Board
Screenglo PVC Solvent based for Plastics
Screenglo DUV UV curing for Paper and Board and Plastics