Textile Inks

A world wide reknown ink manufacturer for the textile printing market. Union manufactures a wide range of products including, what we hope are, the best textile printing plastisols on the market. From the general purpose PLUS series to the new highly acclaimed MIXOPAKE Pantone® color mixing system, you can count on high quality inks and service to match.

Maxopaque High Opacity Direct Print Textile
Dark Garments-cotton or cotton polyester blends
Wet on wet printing
Special low-bleed version for polyester and bleeding cotton & polyester fabrics
Manual or automatic printing

Mixopaque High Speed High Opacity Plastisol
Extremly opaque prints
Prints cleanly at maximum print speeds with virtually no build up
No white underlay required
Single pigment system that achieves clean colour matches, easily mixed by hand.

Special Effects Plastisols
3D High Square produces ‘stand up’ prints giving a raised 3D effect, for best results use in conjunction with Ulano QT THIX emulsion.
Flash Back reflects light back from the print
Suede Finish offers a realistic suede effect
Crystallina is a washable, non tarnishing multi colour pearlescent effect system