UV Inks & Varnishes

Uvicol Gloss UC   Versatile gloss finish UV matching system for printing onto paper, boards and plastic substrates.     
Uvicol Satin US   Satin finish version of Uvicol.     
Synergy SLK   A multipurpose flash UV curing ink range suitable for both paper and board and plastic substrates.     
Vioflex 40 Series   Formulated for printing onto semi-rigid & self adhesive vinyl giving excellent adhesion, flexibility and gloss.

Universal UPX   ‘NEW’  UPX is a ‘one for all’ product which offers excellent print properties. This ink can be the only one required for display printers using many substrates. 
UVPO   A single pack UV curing display ink for fluted and sheet polypropylene.     
Musketeer MTR   A flexible UV curing screen ink with good adhesion to a wide range of plastics. Suitable for heat forming and vacuum drape moulding.     
Harmony MN   Low water content / Low build UV curing screen ink for printing onto most flexible and rigid plastic substrates and Paper & Board.     
Uviscreen Varnishes     A range of high quality varnishes for printing onto paper, board and PVC substrates.     
UV6630     Market leading high Gloss Varnish for Paper & Board     
UV6636     High Gloss Low viscosity Varnish for Paper & Board     
UV2000     High Gloss – High speed O/P Varnish for Paper & Board     
UV2200     Matt O/P Varnish for Paper & Board     
UV6631     High Gloss O/P Varnish for Plastics     
UV2400     Matt O/P Varnish for Plastics     
UV Additives     Products to tailor all UV inks and varnishes. See data sheet for use of these products.